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Baking technology

For Out-And-Out Individualists

Baking beyond the standard with the new manual mode on the MIWE condo

We should have actually called the manual mode “artisan mode”. After all, highly discerning bakers striving for finesse are the ones who want to master and finely control  …

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Good Things Can Be Made Even Better – And That Is Certainly True At MIWE

The 2021 model year of the MIWE roll-in e+ is sure to impress with its important innovations

There are some very good reasons today why so many seasoned bakers agree that “baking in a rack oven” is synonymous with baking in the MIWE roll-in. The worldwide triumph of this oven system is, after all, primarily connected to the success story of  …

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With MIWE everclean you don’t have to worry about cleaning agents anymore

Without a doubt, regular cleaning is a necessity for baking stations. But refilling cleaner during operation? Monitoring filling levels and thinking about reordering in time when they run low? You can safely forget about all of this…

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Get the Big Picture

What MIWE can do for you today

What do you think of when you hear the name MIWE? Top-quality ovens? That’s all well and good. But it’s only a very small part of our range of services and products. Think bigger! We would like to show you here how…

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