With MIWE everclean you don’t have to worry about cleaning agents anymore

Without a doubt, regular cleaning is a necessity for baking stations. But refilling cleaner during operation? Monitoring filling levels and thinking about reordering in time when they run low?

You can safely forget about all of this. As long as you are using a convection oven like the MIWE aero e+. Its supply of cleaning agent is so generously metered that it suffices for the MIWE service team to simply refill the cleaning agent when it does regularly recurring maintenance work. Normally once a year.

Just another thing that you don’t have to worry about anymore.

Fully automatic cleaning is good – never having to think about cleaning agents again is even better.

There are two reasons why the cleaner only has to be refilled so rarely:

  • On the one hand, there is the incredible efficiency of our ovens with respect to cleaning agent consumption (not to mention that the powerful liquid cleaning agent MIWE cleaner is completely biodegradable!).
  • And on the other, there is the large-volume cleaning agent tank which is integrated directly into the baking station, requiring no additional space either at the side, rear or anywhere else.

Our powerful liquid cleaning agent MIWE cleaner is completely biodegradable!

So forget about everything that has anything to do with your convection oven’s cleaner. There is no need to keep an eye on the remaining amount or provide a timely refill. You do not have to store it anywhere or transport it back and forth. You do not have to stack any empty containers and eventually dispose them. You do not even come in contact with it.

Because our service technician will automatically take care of all of this along with the maintenance work. A maintenance contract is therefore the only requirement for this additional service.

MIWE everclean. We just like to make baking simpler.


Fully-automatic cleaning function

Whether you want to leave the refilling of the cleaner to MIWE Service or not – oven hygiene is a must. How fantastic is it then, that we’ve developed the fully automatic cleaning function MIWE cleaning control, making it especially easy to clean your convection oven. Sound interesting? All the further information you need on clean ovens at the touch of a button can be found on our website.


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