Good Things Can Be Made Even Better - And That Is Certainly True AT MIWE

The 2021 model year of the MIWE roll-in e+ is sure to impress with its important innovations

There are some very good reasons today why so many seasoned bakers agree that “baking in a rack oven” is synonymous with baking in the MIWE roll-in. The worldwide triumph of this oven system is, after all, primarily connected to the success story of the MIWE roll-in. In the 1970s, MIWE introduced this oven system to Central Europe and beyond as the centrepiece of “rolling production” and has since consistently and continuously driven its further development into the widely admired baking oven it is today. So when superior baking performance, impressive uniformity, remarkable versatility and low energy consumption converge in one rack oven, it could only really be a MIWE roll-in e+.

Many of the special functions of the MIWE roll-in e+ represent flawless MIWE developments and are therefore only available from MIWE in their best original form. “Atmospheric baking“, for example, which puts an end to disturbing weather-related influences and guarantees consistent baking results at all times. The core temperature sensor (wireless, of course), which ensures greater process reliability with items such as products in bulk or boxes, not to mention reliable production documentation on top of that. The much-praised Touch Control with its convenient LED remote display. Or MIWE delta-baking, a highly sensitive way of controlling the temperature, which is particularly beneficial for Danish pastries and fine baked goods.

All of this – and much more – makes the MIWE roll-in stand out in the eyes of many bakers as most likely the best rack oven in the world.

But time does not stand still. Over the past several years, the demands placed on rack oven systems have noticeably increased. The range of products that can be baked in a rack oven has increased substantially. Nowadays this also includes more and more breads. That is one of the reasons why baked goods are often baked much hotter today, driving up the performance requirements. New adjacent technologies are also demanding higher performance from ovens. Wherever vacuum conditioning is seen, shorter baking times are used. To avoid production coming to a halt here, the oven system has to be able to demonstrate a recovery capacity that matches the increased working speed. And with the demand for unique, natural products with a strong character has come a resurgence in traditional long-term proofing processes. Of course, this often goes hand in hand with more sensitive products that are also more susceptible to defects. Contemporary oven systems have to offer ways of dealing with these sensitivities.

In view of these challenges, MIWE has equipped the MIWE roll-in e+ for the 2021 model year with a series of further improvements that once again clearly underscore its claim of building the best rack ovens in the world.

Keywords: power and energy input. A simple task, you might think: Distributing hot air in the baking chamber in a controlled manner achieving even, optimum baking results across the entire range. However, practical experience teaches us that this crucial point all boils down to the extremely subtle interplay of a myriad of control variables, which can hardly be mastered without extensive experience in rack oven construction. In a constant knowledge exchange with users and master bakers, the MIWE design engineers have developed the new MIWE Heat Flow, which combines a storage wall that now weighs 66 kg, an air grill that has been redesigned from the ground up, and newly arranged trumpet nozzles. The latter, with their optimised flow geometry, make it possible to achieve stable, uniform baking results with a wide variety of baked goods and yet still use energy in a targeted and economical manner. Exactly what bakers are used to from what is probably the most economical rack oven in the world.

Newly developed air grill with trumpet nozzles for optimised disturbance measurement.

What may appear to be so inconspicuous here is actually a decisive factor when it comes to baking results. This is because the air grill determines how the air flows into the baking chamber and through the oven rack. Experience, expertise and precision work are required to design every aspect to ensure that all buns are browned in exactly the same way – regardless of which tray (and where exactly on that tray) they are placed. Because other crucial components also lie behind this side wall.

Targeted energy use is also important when it comes to the steam generator. This has to produce exactly the right amount of steam in the shortest possible intervals and distribute it evenly in the baking chamber without leaving unevaporated water simmering in corners and angles, continuing to consume energy unnecessarily. The solution from MIWE designers consists of comprehensive optimisation of the steam water inlets and a new type of water routing. The steam water flows into the system from above and, due to the intelligent cascade design, reaches the bottom about twice as fast as it did before. This ensures that the entire volume of water evaporates reliably and quickly and is released as steady steam throughout the entire baking chamber.

The patented MIWE aircontrol in the MIWE roll-in e+ controls the amount of air circulated in the baking chamber with ingenious simplicity and reliability. As a result, the heat transfer can be minutely controlled, the baking results fine-tuned – or for example, perfect crispness can also be achieved at baking temperatures 15 °C lower. With the model year 2021, MIWE is now introducing a further improved 2.0 version of the MIWE air control to the market, which allows for more differentiated fine-tuning, especially in the lower circulation levels. This is particularly advantageous for baked goods with a high sugar content, which should not be allowed to form a skin at the beginning of the baking process, e. g. éclairs, macarons, cream puffs or the well-known pastéis de nata from Portugal.

The MIWE roll-in proudly bears the suffix e+ for good reason: Everything about it is optimised to achieve a maximum energy yield, from its patent-pending heating gas conduction to the MIWE eco-wing seal flap advantageously positioned in the flue gas pipeline. But as is well known, better is the enemy of good. That is why the MIWE roll-in e+ will now be equipped with completely new insulation starting from the 2021 model year. This includes multi-layer mats with an impressive insulation value that is even better than before. This improvement is also long-lasting – unlike just using mineral wool stuffing, which tends to gradually collapse and lose its insulating effect.

Yet further evidence that only a MIWE roll-in e+ is a true MIWE roll-in e+.

Discover and test the MIWE roll-in e+

Discover and test the MIWE roll-in 2021

Has curiosity got the best of you? Then we recommend visiting our website for the MIWE roll-in e+, where we have summarised all of the technological sophistication and innovation for you, not to mention its universally recognised and admired features.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, you say? Then we cordially invite you to the MIWE live baking center, where our MIWE roll-in e+ 2021 is anxiously awaiting you to put it to the test.


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