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Baking beyond the standard with the new manual mode on the MIWE condo

Most users of a MIWE condo appreciate the convenience that comes with ready-made, tried-and-tested baking programs. They simply select the baking program they want at the touch of a button and start it; everything else is then taken care of by the oven completely automatically and at the usual level of perfection. However, some users want the exact opposite of standardised and automated. Ambitious bakers want to be in control in every situation and influence the finest nuances themselves at all times. The MIWE go! control system in the MIWE condo deck oven now makes this easy with the new manual mode.

We should have actually called the manual mode on the MIWE condo “artisan mode”. After all, highly discerning bakers striving for finesse are the ones who want to master and finely control the baking process in all its facets from start to finish.

For these nonconformists, dough is not a uniform substance, but a material that is full of life and always turns out a little differently depending on factors like the weather, temperature and raw ingredients, meaning that you always need to treat it differently if you want to achieve truly outstanding baking results.

We’re delighted to see that refined baking is getting popular again among consumers and bakers worldwide. The MIWE condo, a deck oven designed with connoisseurs and experts in mind, is playing a decisive role in this respect. It’s why we’ve now equipped the master control system of this oven with the new manual mode, which makes fine manual control of baking on each individual deck easier than ever before.

The completely redesigned input window, which opens for each deck, is at the heart of the manual mode.

Here, you can now set all essential parameters directly on the screen with your finger using simple sliders rather than having to go to the effort of keying in numbers:

  • the temperatures of top heat and bottom heat
    (via slider or by tapping on the number in increments of 5 °C)
  • the amount of water for the steam
    (via slider or by tapping on the number in increments of 20 ml)
  • the baking time
    (via slider in minute increments or by tapping directly on the displayed time in intervals of 15 seconds).

This is extremely intuitive, incredibly fast and yet as precise as discerning bakers could wish for.

In the oven overview of the MIWE TC-U master control system, you’ll see the hand icon where the product image is displayed for conventional baking programs, letting you know that the manual mode is available. Tapping on the icon will open the input window so that you can readjust any parameters if you need to.

All other processes and functions (start baking, end baking, rebaking, light, etc.) can of course be activated in manual mode using the same buttons as in the regular baking program mode, meaning that you can smoothly switch between the modes at any time.

Reach your goals intuitively and quickly with the new manual mode

"You don't learn anything by simply pressing picture buttons."

On another note, it seems like the manual mode is also benefiting total newcomers, not just absolute baking experts: Some customers have been telling us for some time that they have started to give their employees the individual baking parameters instead of a ready-made baking program. “You don’t learn anything by simply pressing picture buttons”, is the argument. You do though when you’re the one who’s entered the values behind the pictures. And this has now been made quick and easy for pros and beginners alike.

Not just for individualists: our all-rounder

Whether you prefer to control your deck oven using a baking program or by manually entering the parameters: you should take a closer look at our all-rounder, the MIWE condo, if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting it yet. You won’t regret it.


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