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Lives up to its name: the MIWE ideal e⁺ deck oven

The new version – many improvements, energy consumption reduced even further

It goes without saying that even outstanding oven systems have to be adapted to changing market and production conditions from time to time. At MIWE, we regularly release thoroughly revised new versions of our proven systems to ensure that our customers and users remain ahead of the game in terms of baking technology. This time on the podium: The completely revamped MIWE ideal e⁺.

At its core, the MIWE ideal e⁺ has of course remained true to itself: An absolutely reliable, flue gas-heated deck baking oven with excellent baking properties and high energy efficiency. However, a closer look reveals a whole series of substantial innovations that make the baking oven even more universal, even more flexible – and at the same time even more economical.

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Simple design, packed with clever features: the new MIWE ideal has passed all tests with flying colours so far.

Innovations in baking technology: more efficiency and flexibility with the new MIWE ideal e+

The user is of course most interested in the baking technology innovations of the MIWE ideal e⁺, for example the flow-optimised flue gas routing in the power unit and distribution channel. Together with the likewise improved low pressure control on the burner (now independent and motorised), it ensures the desired uniform, reproducible baking result, and makes you completely independent of external disturbing influences such as chimney draught, baking versus outside temperature or pressure fluctuations.

The steam system has also been redeveloped from scratch. A small side effect makes it immediately clear what this is all about: the new MIWE ideal e⁺ will no longer require a water drain. On the one hand, this will of course reduce the installation costs. But above all, it shows that the new MIWE ideal e⁺ always evaporates exactly the amount of water required for the product, not a single iota less, but also not unnecessarily more! In other words, no puddles and no loss of water, no waste of water and energy, but always exactly the right amount! To put it in more technical terms: The evaporation capacity of the steam unit has increased by 5%, its regeneration capacity by 20%, and its efficiency is now at 90%.

In addition, the steam outlet on the baking chamber has been repositioned to provide an even more uniform distribution of steam, making the entire system more efficient. All in all, a significantly improved steam performance without any unnecessary overshooting. In other words: Water saved, energy saved, perfectly baked.

The evolution of baking technology: MIWE variobake at a new performance level

Speaking of baking technology: MIWE variobake, the finer, more flexible temperature control in the MIWE ideal e⁺, has also been raised to a new performance level for version 4.0. Let’s remember: Traditionally, flue gas-heated deck ovens work with burners that only know two states: On and Off. In other words, full power and idle. This means that the temperature curve can only be approximated. The actual temperature always “oscillates” a little around the setpoint, but the heating is always at full throttle, i.e. at full power. The energy input can thus very quickly become very high at certain points –definitely too high for sensitive products.

Not so with MIWE variobake. Here, several factors interlock to enable a much more sensitive control of the burner output and thus of the energy transfer to the products: A modulating burner whose output can be infinitely adjusted like an accelerator pedal. An intelligent logic in the MIWE TC control system that anticipates and ensures that the burner always operates at exactly the power level that is required for the desired energy input. And finally, a dynamic two-circuit control system that permanently helps the oven groups to achieve improved uniformity. In this way, it is possible to bake both highly sensitive, high-sugar products (such as macarons) just as perfectly as dark rye bread, which requires a very high energy input, on the same oven system without any contortions such as covering the products or opening the door. The new MIWE ideal e⁺, with its choice of gentle, normal or aggressive heat, is therefore much more versatile than its predecessors.

There are also new features on the outside. The recessed main switch and the absence of protruding screws on the front, for example, eliminate all interfering edges and thus make cleaning much easier. The operating concept is now based on the large 10-inch display with the renowned MIWE Touch Control, on which oven groups can also be clearly displayed. The oven doors open electrically – a first hint that the MIWE ideal e⁺ will be used more and more often in automated production environments (e.g. in combination with the MIWE athlet loading system).

A quick start: Simplified installation and commissioning of the MIWE ideal e⁺.

MIWE optitherm besteht aus einem Paket an Veränderungen. Am deutlichsten sichtbar sind die schwarzen Abstrahlbleche in der Backkammer. Unter anderem sorgt diese geschützte MIWE Technologie für eine besondere Hitzeabstrahlung.

We have done everything possible to simplify and speed up the installation and commissioning of your new MIWE ideal e+ so that you can get started as quickly as possible. A baseframe that is accessible from underneath (also sideways with forklift) makes transport much easier, any unevenness in the floor can be compensated for from the front and thus also in the final installation position, the software of the oven provides support during commissioning, and all flaps are adjusted by motor instead of by hand. Soon nothing will stand in the way of your first bake! The installation module is now even easier to access and the entire inner workings are arranged in a standardised, compact and clear manner so that servicing can be carried out easily.

And the energy consumption? We’re proud to announce that the new MIWE ideal 4.0 has been awarded the e⁺ energy-saving seal. No MIWE ideal has ever been so economical. In addition to the energy savings achieved by the new steam system already presented above, we have increased energy efficiency by improving the insulation (optionally also on the oven front), reducing the burner output by approx. 7 % and increasing the burner “on” time. All in all: a textbook example of the MIWE ideal e⁺.

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Sounds interesting? The new MIWE ideal e⁺ is ready for you at the MIWE live baking centre in Arnstein. When would you like to test it?

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