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Continuous Improvement Process, the MIWE Way

For the 2022 model year, the MIWE roll-in e+ comes with a whole range of attractive new features

For over 50 years, the MIWE roll-in has been considered a trendsetter and the centrepiece of rolling production in the bakery. Bakers appreciate its superior baking performance, impressive uniformity, high versatility and, last but not least, its low energy consumption.
While others may rest on their laurels – we at MIWE see this primarily as an incentive to consistently make the MIWE roll-in e+ even better and to keep adapting it to changing customer requirements. That is why, even after the many new features introduced with the last model year, in 2022 the MIWE roll-in e+ is once again coming onto the market with a whole range of enhancements and new functions that will certainly help further increase its popularity with bakers. We will take a look at the most relevant innovations in baking technology.

Topic 1: The steam 

The MIWE roll-in e+ already offers users several steaming options. These include powerful classic baking steam, of course, the special steam for frozen dough pieces for baking directly from frozen, and impulse steam for all those products that require permanent steaming.

Now another type of steam has been added that shows off its special advantages especially when baking tin sets or trays with tight loading: intenso steam.

Scientific background: In the case of very tight loading, a block of cold air can form between the narrow gaps of the tins or trays. Using conventional means, this block of cold air can only be broken up slowly – even with an intensive steam application. This means that condensation in this area is reduced, which most probably leads to uneven products. This is where the intenso steam with multiple bursts of steam and a few timed pulses for circulation provides an effective solution. Even with tight loading, the steam is distributed homogeneously and evenly throughout the baking chamber.

The new, so-called intenso steam shows off its strengths especially well in cases such as this one. It transports the steam directly to the centre of the trays – even when they are loaded tightly, as is the case when baking tin loafes. This leads to more uniform products and higher quality throughout the entire rack trolley.

Topic 2: The energy transition

With the MIWE roll-in e+, bakers could already enjoy an effective method of controlling the energy transfer. We’re of course referring to the ingeniously simple, yet highly effective regulation of the circulated air volume with the help of MIWE aircontrol. However, the variability and the possible range of applications of the rack oven will now be significantly expanded once again by another new function. Starting from model year 2022, MIWE variobake will also be available for the rack oven MIWE roll-in e+.

The basic advantages of MIWE variobake will certainly be familiar to you from our deck oven MIWE ideal. With a finely regulated burner output, the intensity of the energy transfer to the product can be adapted very precisely to the individual requirements of the relevant baked product. This gives you the opportunity to position yourself as a distinctive and independent force in your competitive environment with more unique products with a strong character.

This is now also possible with the MIWE roll-in e+ with a two-stage burner.

MIWE variobake in the MIWE roll-in allows you to bake products in your rack oven that were previously considered totally unsuitable for this kind of oven system. With the 'gentle', 'medium' and 'aggressive' levels, a wide variety of products from puff pastry and Danish pastry to 100 % rye bread benefit from the fine control of the energy input.
In addition to the ‘medium’ intensity level, which corresponds to the previous standard setting, MIWE variobake provides you with two additional levels here: ‘gentle’ and ‘aggressive’.
The ‘gentle’ setting helps puff pastry and Danish pastry products in particular achieve a refined flaky bite, while also offering sponge cakes, pound cakes or eclairs significantly ‘juicier’ baking results. On the other hand, with the ‘aggressive’ setting the rack oven MIWE roll-in e+ can now also be used successfully for products that were previously considered completely ‘unsuitable for rack ovens’ according to traditional doctrine. These are products that need the powerful energy input of a deck oven, especially at the bottom, e.g. rye bread with up to 100 % rye content.
With the MIWE roll-in e+ with MIWE variobake in the ‘aggressive’ position, there is also no spreading here, and instead only the kind of strong bottoms that you would normally rely on a deck oven to achieve.
You can easily imagine that all kinds of artisan breads or small wheat products can also benefit from these ‘stronger’ baking properties, achieving stronger crusts and improved crispness. The baking intensity level settings can be stored directly in the baking programme. However, they can also be selected ad hoc in the control unit. MIWE variobake is available as a licensable option in the new MIWE roll-in e+ for all bakers who expect a powerful competitive advantage in their market thanks to the significantly broader range of applications for their rack ovens and distinctly unique products.

Topic 3: The booster function

And finally, there is the booster, which is a clever way of regulating and reducing the typical drop in temperature when the rack oven door is opened, thereby enabling baking at higher temperatures. When you activate the booster function, the burner will not switch off even if you open the oven door, but will continue to work (for a certain time). This eliminates the start-up time for the burner that would otherwise be necessary. The heat exchanger is heated to the maximum level, which on the one hand enables much faster batch-after-batch baking and on the other allows products to now be baked in the MIWE roll-in e+ that need a lot of initial heat – for example, pure rye bread baked without tins. The booster function can be stored in the baking programme or called up manually.
With the new booster function batch-after-batch baking it now even faster. It reduces typical temperature drops when opening the rack oven door, as the burner continues to run in the background for a certain amount of time.The booster function is also ideal for products that require high initial heat, such as rye bread, which can even be baked directly on the trays, without using tins.

But it doesn’t stop there

The new MIWE roll-in e+ also offers a whole range of other useful functions (especially from the MIWE connectivity environment) and special simplifications for servicing, which will have a positive effect on your maintenance costs. An all-round harmonious package that once again underscores MIWE’s claim of offering you the best possible rack ovens.

Ready to take the new MIWE roll-in e+ through its paces? Reach out to us today and schedule a live demonstration.

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